• Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements

NDA and NCA Document Preparation Software for Paralegals and Firms.

Create a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Non-Compete Agreement for any number of clients using the comprehensive forms and instructions of America's premier legal form software company, Standard Legal!


Provide a few details to easily draft client documents for mutual business agreements between employer and employee. Hold close specific ideas or the details about the operations of a company.

These documents are written to cover the interests of both parties while ensuring the protection of unique intellectual property or competitive business assets and practices.

This title offers two common business documents to protect ideas and trade practices:

NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: A confidentiality agreement or nondisclosure agreement (often called an NDA for short) is a contract entered into by two parties, be it individuals or businesses, where one or both parties agree to treat certain information provided by the other as confidential. The parties agree not to disclose or provide the confidential information received to any third party without the consent of the disclosing party.

NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT: Standard Legal provides two types of non-compete documents, one for an employee of a company and one for a business-to-business relationship. For the employee-related non-compete, the document is used to restrict an employee’s ability to compete against an employer during and after employment. For the business-related non-compete, the document restricts a party’s ability to compete against another for a specific period of time and location. It is used in non-employment situations, i.e. if one party sells another its business assets, the party purchasing the assets may desire to have the selling party refrain from competing with the asset purchaser.


With Standard Legal, there are no monthly licensing fees or annual subscription payments. Simply buy a title once at an affordable price, and it's your to use as often as you require. Handle one specific legal topic, or save even more money with a Collection as shown below.

So how does Standard Legal keeps its software so affordable? By keeping it simple. Our legal forms software works with fill-in-the-blank ease. We offer clear introductions and overviews to each legal form topic. And we provide straight-forward questionnaires for quick and accurate client data collection.

Why spend money on complex systems from other law companies simply to generate the exact same finished documents? Save time and money while building your business with Standard Legal!


DOWNLOAD: Our Professional Edition software is provided as a downloadable .zip file. A link will be sent by email to access the download within seconds after receipt of your order.

MAILED CD: In addition to the download, the software can be burned then shipped to you on a CD via U.S. Priority Mail for $5.95 total. Simply add the SOFTWARE MAILED ON CD to your cart and purchase that option during checkout.

UPDATES: The forms within each software title are updated frequently and all updates are available for download whenever needed. Simply log back in to your Paralegal Documents account to download the latest documents before working with a new client.


Standard Legal's Professional Edition software works on virtually all Windows, Apple / Mac, and Linux-based systems. Typically, the legal forms software comes in three document formats: PDF, Microsoft Word and Text files. As a general guideline, court or government created forms that must follow a specific look or format are provided as fillable, savable PDFs; long-form contracts and written agreements are provided as customizable Word and Text files, plus PDFs. (Titles that only use Court-drafted forms may come as PDFs exclusively.)

To review each of these legal form software formats, read our detailed DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTIONALITY and test these FULLY-WORKING SAMPLES.

Get Adobe ReaderPDF forms require the download and installation of either the free Adobe's Acrobat Reader or the commercial version of Adobe Acrobat. To edit the baseline content of the PDF forms requires Adobe Acrobat.

The Word documents require a full version of Microsoft Word, Open Office, or another word-processing program that recognizes and allows for the use of fillable form fields.

The Text files can be edited with any word processing program, including pre-installed programs like Notepad and Wordpad.

Please be certain that you read and understand the complete details on the Standard Legal Professional Edition Licensing Agreement before making a purchase of this software.


Send us an email with your questions about our Professional Edition document preparation software. We'll reply at once! Or call us toll free at 1-888-888-7712 M-F 9a-5p Eastern.

Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements

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