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Get professional legal document software that is simple to use and surprisingly affordable!

Draft unlimited documents for clients with SOFTWARE TITLES like Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Personal Bankruptcy, Quitclaim Deeds, Incorporation, Premarital Agreements, more.

Title categories include Estate Planning, Real Estate, Business Formation, Finance and Marital Agreement.

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Easy-to-Use Software for Doc Prep Companies and Law Firms

Paralegal Documents offers exclusively the Professional Edition software from Standard Legal, a nationally-recognized company in the legal forms industry for since 2002. Standard Legal has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied pro se users, and supplied many well-known companies with documents, software and services -- including the many thousands of corporate members of MetLife Legal Plans.

The Professional Edition software is licensed specifically for paralegals, attorneys and legal services companies. It works with fill-in-the-blank ease for quick document creation. It comes with straight-forward questionnaires for accurate client data collection. And each title provides clear overviews discussing the most common considerations for that document topic, along with the typical uses for each form.

Why spend time learning a complex document system to create the exact same type of finished documents? Keep it simple with Paralegal Documents! The Professional Edition legal forms software from Standard Legal is easy to use. The software functionality is based on PDF, Word and text files, so there is almost no learning curve. If you understand how to use basic office software, you'll immediately know how to use the documents from Standard Legal.

Every title and package is available for instant download immediately after purchase. Or get your Software Mailed on CD for a small additional fee.

Save Thousands of Dollars vs. Other Legal Forms Systems

Don't spend money on monthly subscriptions. Don't pay a yearly licensing fee for a complex document system. Instead, generate the same types of finished legal documents with a process that is simple and affordable!

With Paralegal Documents from Standard Legal, there are no monthly licensing fees. There are no subscription payments. Simply buy any legal forms title one-time at an affordable price. Use it for clients as often as you'd like. And get updates as you need them!

See complete details on each of the SOFTWARE TITLES or DOCUMENT PACKAGES to help grow your legal document preparation business!

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Living Trust Professional Legal Forms Software

Living Trust Professional Legal Forms Software

Living Trust Document Preparation Software for Paralegals and Firms. Create a complete set of Revoc..


Last Will & Testament Professional Legal Forms Software

Last Will & Testament Professional Legal Forms Software

Last Will Document Preparation Software for Paralegals and Firms. Create a complete set of Last Wil..


Complete Library Document Package

Complete Library Document Package

A Complete Library Document Package of Professional Edition software forms for Paralegals and Firms...

$850.00 $1,798.00

Mailed CD

Mailed CD

Get previously-ordered Paralegal Documents software titles burned onto a CD and mailed to you. Selec..



"Thanks for the outstanding customer service. Based on this response, I can safely say that all of my future legal form needs will be met by your company. Again, thanks."

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